Sweets monster



If you want purchase the game license, send an email to me: 9948427@qq.com

About the Game:


This is a 2D Endless parkour game. Players will have to use their skills to avoid obstacles and eat candy,you don’t have to run as far as possible but eat the more the better (all if possible), creating higher numbers of combos will get higher reward. With increasing difficulty, there will be more varied and complex barriers to wait for players to pass through.

Normal mode: With increasing difficulty, there will be more complex obstacles.

Expert mode: More challenging obstacles than Normal mode. With increasing difficulty, the game speed will be increased.


» HTML5 Game
» All plateforms
»   Supports Touch
» Works On all HTML5 Browsers
» Ability to Change LOGO, picture,sounds,just replace the folder that the files are.
» High Resolution
» Supporting multiple screen sizes


Thanks for visiting! If you have any questions,send an email to me: 9948427@qq.com



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