Bots Failing? WarFi Keeps Making Money | 7%/Month Returns! -

Bots Failing? WarFi Keeps Making Money | 7%/Month Returns!

James Pelton
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Lately, many bots have been failing. However, WarFi’s Warbots are different. They have an active fund manager who adjusts the bot for optimal returns. We’ve been delivering consistent results for over 19 months, averaging a monthly return of 7%.

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I do not have WhatsApp! Anyone asking for you to send them money is not me, but trying to scam you.

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  1. I love the mindset of this org; stability, trust, delivery, and playing the long game.

  2. What's the website for Warfi? I've never heard of it but sounds good.

  3. Except Hong Kong is controlled by China. Hopefully it will be ok in the long run.

  4. Great project.Great people. Keep up the great work!

  5. WarFi still going strong this far down the line is testament to a great team and great community. Keep it up guys…

  6. Hey James, I tried to find your discord with no luck. I am on discord with others but stuck on finding you. Thanks. Kevin

  7. Well I hope the lessons from iBots increases safety. Just like in say the airline industry. You look at disasters and learn lessons, find what failed and make improvements

  8. Hello, who lives in Brazil can register? There should be a step-by-step video teaching how to enter the project, to help people with more difficulties…

  9. did I miss something with the forex bots? I just signed in and ive lost 20% of my investment and they were not even running anymore. How about an update hey?

  10. hitting a vape in a tanktop, very professional. Clown

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