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Cephalic Carnage-Warbots A.M.

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Artist-Cephalic Carnage
Album-Misled By Certainty
Song-Warbots A.M.

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  1. No other band in the leauge of Cephalic Carnage…How I crave for a new album.

  2. Really good new album, it's almost better then Lucid Interval… anyways it's really good.

  3. Agreed! But I'm more of a Exploiting Dysfunction fan…

  4. Is proud to live in the state where these gods are from.

  5. @DysphoricExemption I think these guys are a few of the exceptions haha.

  6. @ihatejews1000 Cthulu Fhtagn Ryleah
    I'm pretty sure that's what they're chanting

  7. @KreptiaX I'm pretty sure it's Cthulu Fhtagn Ryleah
    (not 100% sure. but I distinctly hear that and my brothers agree.)

  8. @DysphoricExemption how do they remember the riffage!??! MIND BLOWN

  9. with mental problem ultra technical death metal

  10. Gotta love that pause at 0:35. It's almost like a drop in electronic music. Almost.

  11. I think I'd get along pretty fine with them if they're such potheads.

  12. their first song i ever heard, i was looking for some kind of prog grindcore, not exactly what i wanted but still amazing!

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