Infinite battle of hundred robots! - -

Infinite battle of hundred robots! –
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Infinite battle of hundred robots!

Robot destruction with sparks and flying bullets!
Experience the pleasure of shooting and smooth controls at your fingertips! promises you a new experience in the io games genre.

About the game
– Upgrade Robots to defeat enemies and survive as long as possible.
– Utilize walls & traps to attack your opponents in different ways.
– Play with friends from all over the world, with up to 100 at a time.
– Come up with tactics for a strategic gameplay!


  1. Please Updates This Amazing Game, Final One Were In 2018!!. 😭😭😭

  2. I love this game!!!!!!this is so awesome and which is the background music


  4. 漆黒の使い魔 シャドーレイ says:

    I like this game !!

  5. Where the hell else is this song from. Driving me nuts. About 3/4 of the way through it plays a clip that I swear is from some intro or outro

  6. This is actually an amazing game. However, the missile needs a huge buff, like maybe delivering volley fire instead. The Cannon Bot is also pretty weak. Having it fire slower projectiles but more impact damage and knockback would be cool since, after all, it is a cannon. The Shotgun Bot is the best by far. Keep it up!

  7. the game looks like its full of mpcs it gets boring.

  8. Not sure if all the robots in last one standing are actual human players, bcs it is darn easy to pewpew them and they have no reaction whatsoever. Maybe you will do a little twitch for bots AI. nice game, anyway, but the rocket bot is really lame.

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