Marvel's Avengers Beta - Iron Man Boss Battle Gameplay -

Marvel’s Avengers Beta – Iron Man Boss Battle Gameplay

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In the Marvel’s Avengers beta mission To Tame a Titan, you face off against a Warbot in the Pacific Northwest region of the map. Iron Man faces off against him in this gameplay clip.



  1. I'm excited for cyberpunk now that avengers is released

  2. What dirt do they have Nolan North and Laura Bailey to make them say that dialogue?

  3. this is Marvel ultimate alliance on steroids! 🙂

  4. How to make a superhero like The Invincible Iron Man seem weak af:
    1.) Give his punches little "clink" noises
    2.) Make sure enemies don't move or even flinch when he hits or shoots them
    3.) Make his run animation a mincey little fairy float, rather than a booming rocket boost
    4.) Make the Hulkbuster's footsteps quiet and light as a feather
    5.) Make the Hulkbuster's projectile slow AND sheepish

  5. Feels like a punch from Hulk should send enemies flying

  6. I just wish that Thor was accessible throughout all of the beta missions rather than just the A-Day mission because he was definitely my favorite to play as

  7. So much for that Mach 3 or Mach 5. Iron is so slow that it feels it's running on Mach Ancient.

  8. This game is gonna be a lot of style with little substance, I can already tell. I’ll get it on a deep sale in a few months

  9. Why does everyone act like Spider-Man ps4s combat was so great lmao you do the same kick animations over and over and the counter is just the same jump over the head animation compared to Arkham it’s horrible

  10. It's so so bad game
    Gameplay is ridiculous

  11. Iron man should have an exhaust trail when flying like in the movies

  12. And also there's too many explosion effects and can't see what's happening in the fight

  13. Boy .. Im yawning watching this .. its gonna be a flop unless there's alots of crazy avengers fan out there

  14. I can’t wait to play the beta Tomorrow !

  15. Gameplay actually seems somewhat reminiscent of Marvel Nemesis, they should’ve just made a sequel to that

  16. I'm about to get this game free in a few months as a PS4 plus game

  17. Looks decent. Tony's voice is a little off though. Maybe it's just in this sequence though. I'm so used to RDJ that this seems odd.

  18. Jeez it’s almost like people are never happy

  19. This looks legit fun, still on the fence, though!

  20. If you were to fly rlly fast you would not be very effective in combat.

  21. I remember doing this yesterday with a friend but this must be recorded on a Nasa ps4 because the fps is nowhere near what we experienced

  22. It's funny how so many people are commenting negatively about the game. I can immediately read most comments here and tell that they haven't even tried the beta. It's understandable as the open Beta isn't until next week.

    However, some people are legitimately asking why Iron Man is engaging in close, hand to hand combat. Do y'all even know these characters? You would think that after the movie adaptations people would be more familiar with Iron Man.

  23. The problem is that the Iron Man's animation when he flyes looks like he is going really fast.

    But, he isn't…

  24. iron man moves slow but not compared to other characters in the beta no other character can keep up with him flying the map is so huge the movement looks slow here

  25. you people are never pleased im grateful for an avengers game

  26. The flight speed for iron man is too slow!
    It makes the gameplay look pathetic!

  27. I said it before and I said it again…
    This game was a bad idea

  28. I’m pretty happy that there is a mobile skill tree in the full game

  29. Nem precisa terminar de lançar, é ruim.

  30. I was a little bit hyped on the game. Well I saw some Iron man Movies then again, playing some Anthem(Ranger) and now looking at this Video….the hype is over 😅😂
    The suites looks pretty cheap, and the movements….meh. Anthems Ranger looks/feel more like Iron Man as this.😕

  31. Iron man was the most interesting character in the beta. His gameplay is awesome

  32. This "boss" is just a giant punching bag. It doesn't even really attack you

  33. why show me the 3 digit damage i dealt to a random enemy,wtf why do games want to be rpgs now days

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