Marvel's Avengers Beta - Iron Man Boss Battle Gameplay -

Marvel’s Avengers Beta – Iron Man Boss Battle Gameplay

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In the Marvel’s Avengers beta mission To Tame a Titan, you face off against a Warbot in the Pacific Northwest region of the map. Iron Man faces off against him in this gameplay clip.



  1. Game looks cool and all but I wish it would also be a open world game.

  2. This game has looked so jank ever since the first gameplay reveal

  3. It’s a damn video game NOT THE MCU WHITE BOYS

  4. Just came here to state that this mission seems literally impossible to complete for me

  5. For the life of me I can’t understand why iron man has to fly slowly because another mf decided not to play iron man

  6. How do you unlock those skins for Iron Man and Hulk?

  7. Looks really nice but the gameplay looks really plain.

  8. AH yes punching robots for an entire campaign

  9. Boy… that got repetitive about half way though the 20 minute video. I’ll try the open beta just to confirm but I got one foot out the door.

    Also Anthem did Iron Man better… 😦

  10. It look kinda bad is this goin to be just online?

  11. Only thing they have to fix in my opinion is his speed and his movement why does he have to hover everywhere

  12. the combat fighting is similar to that of batman arkham games.

  13. Anthem has better flying so if u gonna cry play that game.

  14. It looks like they worked hard on it, but it just doesn’t looks fully realized despite it. I’m afraid this will flop

  15. Why do some of the enemies just stand their un phased when you punch them? I hope they change that in the full game.

  16. I played as Iron Man damn near all weekend, he’s so fun to play as

  17. I think I’d buy this games if it was 20 euro but not 70 my friend pre ordered it and is trying to hype it up for me but I’m very sceptical

  18. This is only the beta bro. They do this mainly for feedback the game will only get better

  19. I wish we can turn off these unnecessary lighting effects so I can see actual action instead of lazer show😂

  20. Please someone suggest me:should i buy ghost of tsushima or should i wait for the avengers instead… which is better?

  21. I'm loving every minute of this game so far! Definitely has a few bugs hopefully they will fix a few by full release. Looking forward to DLC as well

  22. Why is Ironman fly so slow he’s like a car running out of fuel

  23. I really hope iron-man mode prime suit is gonna be in the game

  24. For all of Y'all saying iron man flies slow remember this is the beginning of the game ..he's going to get upgrades . Including flight

  25. Iron man should be able to go sonic speed.
    Who else remember superman return for Xbox 360 and ps2?
    Flying in that Game was so Badass! And addicting 🤖👍

  26. I like warframe and destiny so i will probably like this

  27. Dam and I thought da complainers were done with their biz. Its so annoying. If u don't like it then watch something else bro

  28. That look so Epic but the cool thing is the gameplay matches the Epicness.

  29. So I did a little math to find out out how fast iron man is actually flying…at 6:54 iron man is flying full speed down a corridor…at this moment a 30 M marker appears…it takes iron man 3 seconds to make it from his current location to the 30 M marker…that equals 10m/s…or just over 20 mph…just for comparison…the average human male can RUN at 15 mph…

  30. Big meh, Iron man is capable of super sonic jet speeds, he can deploy flaps to instantly break that speed, flying Iron Man in a video game should feel dangerous, you should pretty much feel like a stoned Superman, this looks very slow, the flying almost looks… Aesthetic.

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