Marvel's Avengers - WARBOT Boss Fight -

Marvel’s Avengers – WARBOT Boss Fight

Fuzzy Bearbarian
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Boss fight against the WARBOT in Marvel’s Avengers.


  1. The one thing that bothered my mind is that this fight didn’t seem to have enough robotic sounds

  2. If all the people bashing this game in reviews and comments playing like you on that video – I am not surprise that this game sucks for them lol.
    Red exclamation mark ! Showing you where to focus, "go for an eye" – dude is hitting some random parts of that boss -.- not even gonna mention how you wasted beam and cant aim melee attacks.
    This game is truly epic and only one month, it will turn to be at least decent coop experience from time to time to play as your favorite Avenger. Blast with friends just amazing, got a match with randoms after 3 min 12 seconds, played also by myself with bots. People bashing this game are retarded scoring this 2.5 and giving 5.0 to Minecraft lel

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