Next Update Preview: -

Next Update Preview:
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We’ll update soon.
What does it look like?
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  1. This is boss level I played it but it was too hard to get boss level

  2. 업데이트 후 하다가 저거 만나서 순삭ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. I've Seen someone with the is it from a mystery box? I want to know how to get it pls and thx.

  4. Can you fix russian translate please? In main menu "free play" mode has name "Бесплатная игра", what means "zero cost". Right translate for this mode is "Свободная игра" (like freedom)

  5. que pedo xd porque toda la gente escribe como en china

  6. who the fuck is Sun Park and why did they comment so much

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