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Our BATTLEBOT FIGHT! (Orbitron VS Roundhouse)

Hacksmith Industries
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0:00 What’s Happening!?!
0:15 The Journey
1:55 Final Prep Day
7:18 Fight Day 1
11:18 Fight 1
15:38 Fight Day 2
20:03 A look back



  1. If you fix all the issues thos will be a beast

  2. The best YouTuber also being a battle bot fighter my 2 favorite things are real

  3. Can you please make the football minigun from PVZ Battle For Neighborville?

  4. While using AI can help a lot and I loved the idea… I think it’s not really fair to put AI against human-controlled.

  5. Awesome video guys ❤

    I have a suggestion for a project if you guys feel upto it 😊

    You guys built a spider mech and other large mech-like stuff, which got me thinking, so I thought screw it I'm gonna suggest something that I think might be one up from that and here it is

    Its not Marvel but you get the idea, the popular game METAL GEAR SOLID contains a ton of cool unmanned and manned mechs as well as cool little gadgets, so I thought maybe you guys could build one of the mechs from that 😊

    Below is a list of small to medium to large mechs from the MGS series (exclusing the ones that are as tall as the empire state building 😂 (looking at you Metal Gear Sahelanthropus)) with their respective game titles mecja are from, next to them.

    – Metal Gear Mk.II (MGS4: Guns of the Patriots)

    – Walker Gear (MGSV: The Phantom Pain)

    – Gekko (MGS4: Guns of the Patriots)
    – Battle Gear (MGSV: The Phantom Pain)
    – Shagohod (MGS3: Snake Eater)

    If this isn't something you guys want to take on that's no worries at all 😊

    Great Work on everything you guys have do so far as well, you inspire me more everyday ❤

  6. hello .nice to share this. i'm like electronic engineer ,i believe that you need brute force and way less AI… battery .controller ,high load mosfets and receiver.. less is more. microprocessador for AI on this impacts will not work. reduce eletronics for the minimum,put it in center for impact protection and a high momentum gun do the job. then it's all about human control

  7. Get this video to exactly 69k likes pls that would make my day

  8. Chinese components used in this,

  9. Make it full AI controller, no remote at all, optional only. Btw. Roundhouse design seems actually insane

  10. Orbitron is Counter Revolution on steroids.

  11. Why don’t you run it against another robot in house to see what happens?

  12. Maybe I will try warframe I mean destiny or bungie on thin ice

  13. Great Vid . Hope you guys continue to compete !

  14. I wonder why you have the weakest guy pushing around the bot while that Chris Evans lookalike stand there… let the brains guy do his thing, don't damage him.

  15. Might benefit from ABS!
    It skid like the floor was made of ice.
    Very cool though, definitely wanna see more!

  16. I'd love more battlebot content… especially if the bot ends up more optimized

  17. They had them in the first half ngl

  18. 5:59 one of your crewmembers is wearing a zoso shirt. they are the best tribute band ive ever seen. i have signed sticks from the drummer and their guitarist shreds the mandolin on stairway to heaven. evertime they come around my dad and i get tickets and are very close with the members of the band.

  19. Wasn't there already ai bot called chomp 🤔

  20. As a robotics competitor for over 6 years I can very much relate on the struggle of the preparation versus the outcome of the robot's performance.

  21. You guys did amazing making Orbitron! It was shredding Roundhouse in the first half of the match!

  22. Great, but you need more training data and time to run test, the time you had wasn't enough

  23. God if ORBITRON v2 comes next time, you’re already my winners.

  24. Cudos for a highly creative bot. But isn't this 'sport' a question of design? There would be two main strategies: smash or flip. A flipper could be like a dish, designed like the top half of a typical UFO, no edges, rotating in constant contact with the floor, spinning and lifting, the latter of course being a challenge. Soft rubber bands/tracks would give more friction than wheels. The strategy would be to move behind the opponent, ref AI response time, and flip him over, no smashes needed. How about it?

  25. This was the coolest thing you've ever done. So freaking exciting!

  26. UWaterloo! If any of my tax dollars are going towards that team I say money well spent!

  27. Just curious, why wouldn't they put a fire out on your robot because of the screws? Do they pop like projectiles from the heat or something?

  28. win or lose, in battlebots Its ALL awesome. A first time robot should lose dont you think?

  29. With robot fights there seem to be so many unlikely comebacks. That reminds me a lot of Futurama Robots.

  30. man if orbitron actually got around roundhouse more often in the 2nd fight it would have turned out differently, you just can't approach it from the front

  31. I know make Frostbite that have a hammer drum (Like hammer saw but with spinning drums)

  32. I’d like to offer you guys a reference for Cables,Crimps and Harnesses!
    I worked for a very prestigious manufacturer out here in Utah for 3 years.
    The owner and a lot of skilled employees are very good at what they do and they have people (continually new customers and companies) from all over, asking for their business.
    They have their HQ in Utah and another place in CA.
    It’s called: Alliance Cable and Wire Harness.
    They can do anything you need, especially custom work like the system your Bot is running.
    I only refer them on rare occasions; not trying to boast about them or advertise, I just like your videos and this one was very cool! I’m a huge fan of Battle Bots and I’ve been watch you guys for years now!

  33. Remember what happened when a man went to the titanic on a sub with a logitec controller.. at least orbitrons one had a cord 😂

  34. Got too big for your boots. Over engineered means failure

  35. Such a fantastic concept for a battle bot. I hope to see it in the big leagues some day.

  36. 17:34 Not s Battlebot expert, but can you use a build up of static or some other type of electronic warfare against your opponents?

  37. Even though they lost I feel like this is the perfect way to make an even more dangerous and efficient robot

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