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Our community fought hard to make Wubby7 part of history. Not only that, but with the help of multiple streamers we were able to pay tribute to someone who will be missed.

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  1. You know, it's like when you're dominating the game on Counter-Strike, and the other team calls you a cheater, while all you did was legit

  2. awww sweetie u cry? yall comunity still crying about our domination on yall weak a** 😢 so sad…you're hauntes by it right?

  3. xqc: FrEnCh UsE bOtS
    3 secs later
    xqc: *usebots to build a bts sign on the french flag and still fails*
    The frenches streamer with teams according to seasons: *get real*

  4. me as a unemployed french: hard laughing controled loses

  5. •••Kiki79250•••

    They also allied all streamers' viewers into one giant group, instead of let each streamer manage independantly their communities, and this is why they were so coordinated and acted "like bots".

    The next part of the comment is for trying to debunk the main accusations they've been afforded against them.

    For the bot story, if you watch multiple moments of the Kameto's stream, who was the commandement chief during the war, you can see how organized was the french defense during the attacks and how much reactive they are. Their defense method is a rotative method using users birth season to create 4 groups and make a cycle for placement cooldowns to being ready when the cycle looped for creating a repeated and continuous defense.

    Yep, only one man managed the whole french community. The others were behind just for make keeping the motivation at maximum (and sometimes suggest some ideas to their chief).

    Next for the "script", here again if you watched at least one of the french streamers who were live at this moment, you can clearly see that this was just an overlay, like in this video for making the arts.

    The only confirmed act of botting in this war was from the Spaniards themselves, they used auto-placers to continuously place the BTS logo (clips exist showing this) as the french defended against the attack using their season-based rotative defense method repeatedly.

    Another point: recent accounts. Since Reddit isn't a popular social network in France (it is even pretty unknown there), so a large part of the French who participated in this war had to create an account, and for the majority they did it with the "Connect via Google" button, validated their account and went to defend the flag, without changing the default name given by Reddit.

    But all of this the Spanish and Americans don't want to understand and admid the fact that how much the French community have this unique ability to make massive alliance to defending their territory. They raised up a bit more than €10,000,000 at the latest Zevent, in October 2021, so if this was not another proof of this alliance ability, I really wants to know where they were went to print the money they've donated to the charity.

    Thanks for reading (lol I know, I commonly make this kind of "pavés"* for explaining things (especially for defending my positions on what I like or not but it's OK)).

    * Pavés = block of tex

  6. Countries i hate in r/place
    Spain – Destroying my art
    France – Botting
    Ukraine – Destroying my other art

  7. I see that video 7 months after, summary "FrEnCh sUcKs Bc We CaN't WiN bUt ThEy FrEncH Ahah L"

  8. nah we are more like: ahhhhh I'm French that's so cool

  9. stop saying it's bots. All the live French people are available and you will see that the French community is very welded. There are several videos that show that they are absolutely not bots. I agree that we French people can pass for haughty people, but the community of French streamers is very close and very often has events and suddenly that's why we are used to working together

  10. All I hear is racism and bad faith. You're calling for so-called stupidity while being the one starting with hostilities.
    The reason we held on and written "human" was only organisation. Did you hear about osu_game subreddit? They were trying to survive against people 25 times more numerous in 2017, that was then they created rules to efficiently protect your creation, such as refreshing before putting pixels, only looking at your symbol, the overlays, waiting to put pixels according to your birth month, etc… You have a lot of people, but they aren't organised, so you can't do shit.
    By the way, the dataset is available since the end of the event. So you can check for yourself who boted. And the conclusion is that Spanish did with the BTS logo, but we did not. So f*ck off.

  11. Lol americans are so silly sometimes, you didn't even notice the listanbourg bots?

  12. The script just say where we have to place the pixel for coordination

  13. Man. The most fun thing is just putting arbitrary blocks all over and watching someone from another country PM you and flip TF out.

  14. its fake because they were like 300k french and were popular streamers. you can see squeezie locklear kameto have a lot of followers and have 0 bots

  15. No1 could beat the French only the R/place mods

  16. They are just the best community in the world , guys no rage

  17. "Proof France didn't use bots on r/place".
    That's the correct title.
    PS : The "Bot"'s name is Zerator. CHEH !

  18. The ragebait title is brilliant. Gets that free interaction boost from the frogs

    video: shows nothing and just accuse french of botting.

  20. On vous a juste ratio WITHOUT BOTS no rage bande de fromages

  21. as a french person, saying that we use bots only compliments us

  22. Well I can say youb one year after rplace, my country is still 10x Times betters than yours. Truth is we are 60 million in france still we owning every fucking country on the internet, biggest IRL streams, Biggest caritative community, one of the most active country in european esport ( europe being better at esport than US ). But keep thinking American pigs are better than their european ancestry.

  23. We will not lose🇨🇵❤️
    You are just raging👎

  24. the title of the video should be "PROOF FRANCE NEVER SURRENDER AND IS THE BEST COUNTRY"


  26. Bots ?
    I mean, at some point we were 750k+ French people following the French Twitch streamers, not counting the French Discord communities and others.
    Even Macron, The president of France talked about this r/place thing at some point.
    It had become France vs the world in the end, but we're used to this, and we're good at it.

  27. ptdr allez ravale ton seum on vous a roulé dessus

    trad : ptdr go ravale your seum we roule on you

  28. I liked the part where he proved that the french used bots

  29. Skill issue, France revived Napoleon just for r/place. There were no bots used by France, only people. Glory to France

  30. 😊the think your just speaking blahblahblah but you dont show proof.

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