Robot Wars - Series 5 - Most Destructive Battles -

Robot Wars – Series 5 – Most Destructive Battles

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Many a machine have had their best and most destructive fights covered on this channel, but what about the carnage contained within an individual series? In this video, the most brutal fights of Series 5 are covered.


  1. That fight Mousetrap had with s3 must have given birth to some new ideas surely.
    For example a robot with entire exterior covered in loose strings and thick steel wool foil. So that all robots designed with spinning weapons get jammed and entangled with the stings and steel wool and render the weapon useles.
    While for itself the robot can have just good protected tires and extremely high torque motors solely for pushing double its weight.
    Then every fight use the Pit to push the opponents in to win just like Big brother did.

  2. I saw sir kila lot in real life , its big ! And loud 🤣

  3. That's what I call an upset at the end and that's why I love this stuff

  4. Really wish they managed to get S3 a wildcard warrior battle in Extreme

  5. This was just miles better than the reboot was.

  6. im waiting for a gulloutine chainsaw sword combination

  7. When razed drove into the pit does that mean they lose I’m half way through and forgot if the others were already fucked

  8. They parade around the body… like savages. RIP Atomic 😢

  9. The fact alone that Bigger Brother survived the brutality, was able to remain functional and overpower Hypnodisc to pit it, says something about the quality of the machine itself. Any lesser machine would've had its innards strewn across the arena and the chassis in pieces long before Hypnodisc started losing power.

    Working with what you have to overcome the odds, even with a busted weapon and gashes in the armour that has saved it to that point. Higher speed, agility, drive and grip to overcome the opponent is how they won, after weapons became irrelevant. As long as you can still move, it's never over.

  10. Just think 5 years ahead. These machines will fight in the trenches.

  11. BattleBots would murder these guys. Tombstone, BioShock, SoW,

  12. You have to appreciate the Bigger Brother story. The fact they got absolutely trashed by Hypno Disc and still managed to win, but also the amount of people backstage who ran around to help rebuild them so they could be ready for the Grand Final against Razer was lovely to see.

    The only downside is we never got to see the fight everyone really wanted – Razer vs Hypno Disc

  13. watching something you put so much work into get absolutely wrecked for giggles probably sucks pretty bad lol.

  14. How awesome is that. I'm seeing these videos for the first time and I'm really impressed 😂 but I'm wondering which is the third robot that intervenes at minute 6:20. So far he seemed like the referee to me. But it clearly helps the robot to free itself from the mousetrap or am I wrong?

  15. Hypnodisk would if won that last fight if the big brother driver wasnt so aggressive and determined to survive. What a show!

  16. The house bots makes this version much better!

  17. Razor smashing that poor bot to chunks and then falling into the pit is funny karma. Robot Wars doesn't seem much for sportsmanship but even the commentators were like "Damn!"

  18. Every battle it would destroy any and all war robots

  19. Hecter The Hive Wing[Going on a Very long break] says:

    In the finals big brother realy went "This one's FOR HIM!"

  20. I grew up with some battle bots didn’t know there are older people who grew up on robot wars

  21. The house bots are bullshit and make this league garbage

  22. Rather interesting that Battle Bots are slightly faster and more powerful versions of Robot Wars. Other than that, the weaponry and design hasn’t changed much.

  23. I just realized lister from red dwarf is the host

  24. I imagine if someone made a robot that swears a lot in battle per bump and damage hits like swearing roomba

  25. Everyone’s worried about artificial intelligence, killing humanity, robots, realize humanity is fucked, so they kill each other

  26. Wow, they had house robots too. That's awesome. Maybe they can use them in Battle Bots seeing as this show hasn't been updated since 2016.

  27. Legendary series. Hypnodisc was definitely the most destructive robot ever built

  28. Robot wars needs to return, so much good tv from the early 00s

  29. Robot wars over Battlebots. Its not even close

  30. Didn't expect to see Lister in the least bit.

  31. This video got all sexist in that one fight..

  32. you can really see the difference of the battlbots bots and robot wars bots

  33. Guess you’ll have to be an american to find the program funny.

    Always skipping to the battle.

    Too much talking from people who tries to be funny.

    Make more battles and less talking for gods sake

  34. Every battle in this video absolutely sucked. These bots are garbage

  35. It's unbearable,
    I'm calling PETR (People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots)

  36. Is there any competitions like this in Australia?

  37. When their were no smartphones people used to be creative with robots

  38. Wow almost any robot from battle bots would destroy all these gimmicky shit ass bots

  39. All these high tech robots would lose against low tech. A bot with a crane arm and a rare earth magnet on the end of the arm would simply lift up the other bot and drop it in the pit. A switchable permanent magnet 🧲 Is the way to go. Why no one has thought of using magnetism to win is interesting.

  40. This was a massive part of British Pop Culture in the late 90s/early 2000's. We used talk about what went on with Robot Wars on the school play ground when returning to school on the Mondays along with Football and Wrestling.

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