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“Spin Master” profile for Warbot playing Twister

Alexander Deitch
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“Spin Master” is our new profile for 3-max and HU hyper turbo tournaments (they are called SpinAndGo, Twister, Jackpot, etc.)
Here are 10 games in a row, played in WinnerPoker room (iPoker)
Profile also supports PokerTracker stats (while on this video it plays without them)

Profile page:


  1. There s a problem with this profile, he fold some times when can check, and room show allert box that put u in sitout . How is possible fix it ?

  2. best profile but need some tweeks to be perfect. Alexander does amazing job with the bot and the support. 100% recommended.

  3. alex can you share your mail, i want to ask you something. thx

  4. how many table this bot can manage at the same time?

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