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It’s Robot Fighting Time!

Ray Billings and his team built one of the most dominant bots in the BattleBots Arena. Take a look back at some of the most incredible battles to ever hit the Arena!


Show Synopsis: With all the thrills and edge-of-your-seat tension of a major sporting tournament, combined with the latest in robot engineering and larger-than-life inventors, BattleBots has viewers of all ages gripped.
In pairs, bot inventors go head-to-head inside the perilous and bullet-proof BattleBot arena, with the aim of destroying or completely disabling their opponent’s machine.
During each episode, we meet the creators behind these awesome machines. From amateurs and super-smart technology students to seasoned professionals who have dedicated their lives to creating the ultimate fighting robot, find out what drives these charismatic inventors, and how they turn their visions into supreme battling robots.

Who will go home with the spectacular BattleBots trophy?


Some videos will be restricted for some locations. However, we’re working on bringing enough BattleBots mayhem to the channel for everyone to enjoy!


  1. Ray must be the son in law you least wanted….😢😢 What a bad loser…😮

  2. man tombstone is deadly yo! all yall bot fighters take some notes

  3. Being from the UK who created Robot Wars I'm loving the American version. Crazy bots.

  4. one of the classic bot, love it, the main weapon is just so resilience, thats the most impressive part, it always spins back up!!!!!
    such good name , and the operator got that face i saw once and never forget look


  6. If your bot have huge wheels, you should use vulcanised rubber. It is tougher than steel but lighter

  7. Too bad Tombstone's been dethroned by Bombshell

  8. Hola exponiendo la verdad, también te comento que en este comercial ponen el número 99 con unos cuernos, en realidad no es el número 99 si lo inviertes es el número 66, el cual si pueden verificar Benjamín Solari Parravicini dejo la psicografia del número 66, dónde claramente es una máquina que crea destrucción en el mundo. Exelente tu trabajo, saludos desde México.

  9. Hypnodisc and Razor from robotwars would decimate all of these bots

  10. The best BOT in the history!!! 👌✌️🤘

  11. Зрелище великолепное, дух захватывает, но перевод -дебильный!

  12. why the drivers looks like CEOs of a big tech company lol

  13. winning or not, it doesnt matter. its the most destructive bot there

  14. Выходить против надгробия на ринг-самоубийство 😅

  15. Ah… to all of us older farts and those others who watched the old Robot Wars from the 90's, Tombstone is the son of "Fluffy", only meaner…

  16. อะไรกันนี่……..

  17. Tbh gruff is like the greatest counter to Tombstone
    It can literally break tombstone's weapon with its face it can take a lot of abuse it can easily shove tombstone around the box and smother him as well

  18. Dude, I joined in on this fun, I’d have to talk to each ine of my opponents before the match and see we could come to a mutual understanding that the winner deserves a piece of their opponents bot, that was knocked off during the fight, like a trophy and that if both parties went ham, each can go home with a piece of each other’s bot.

  19. This is one of the things I just love about america 😂

  20. If the spinning blade's chain doesn't get loose sometimes, it will be perfect

  21. Love Tombstone but I can not stand his maker…such a d**k

  22. Buhhh ongghu leburr teh josss edeh jiah mat👍👍👍👍

  23. Next Mun bisa agebey SE bisa ngantem ruah mat male langsung tompess mosonah👍👍👍👍🔥🔥

  24. Esse robô radioativo é tão frágil e inútil que seria destruído até para os obstáculos da pista

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