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UltraGTO poker bot profile demo (the only legal and working version)

Alexander Deitch
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Demonstration of UltraGTO profile for Warbot/OpenHoldem
The only official purchase link is
Notice, that profile is copy-protected and stolen/cracked versions won’t work properly


  1. Hi alexander. If you put video guidance for installing bot it will be helpful

  2. Hello,Can/Has this bot been used to exploit sign up bonuses? Is there a discord?Where can I find more information?How hard is it to setup?

  3. where does it say on the bot what actions to take? I do not see any bet prompts, checks or fold when you are pressing the buttons

  4. This is a fantastic profile. As you can see from this video, it plays a very fundamentally solid game all around. I was a bit leery of trying this because ShankyBot was not a good experience for me, but this bot is outstanding. I was very glad I purchased this bot, and was very pleasantly surprised by how well it plays. It just doesn't make mistakes. It has an excellent pre-flop game and keeps opponents on their toes post-flop. It has been crushing NL10 for me, but it definitely can be used at higher stakes as well. This is a great investment.

  5. How easy is it to set up? I'm useless with computers!

  6. How much would it cost me to set this up on my Mac and I don’t know any coding so if I buy this profile will I have to do anything to it?

  7. Bot Plays very well with some tunes needed with help of Alexander ! 💪

  8. does the bot play alone? I mean, can I leave it running while I do other things? Or do I have to do the things the bot tells me to do?

  9. At 18:00 left table Q9o in BB what is he doing?? At 20:35 J9cc left table no cbet on A55 heads up after raising pre? At 20:55 right table he opens 66 UTG to 0.25, next guy calls, BTN makes it 0.40 and he folds??? At 24:00 left table T9o how does he check fold turn??

  10. Does this bot like 3bets too or bluffs for example?

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