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Warbot.io- 200 Kills | Robot Fighting io Game

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Warbot is a fairly new io game that game out as a 3D io game 😀

Its filled with robots fighting each other for victory!

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Electro-Light – Symbolism
Elektronomia – Limitless
Elektronomia – Vitality
Fareoh – Cloud Ten
Geoxor – You & I
LFZ – Popsicle (Original Mix)


  1. WoW how is it that you learn so fast in the games .io lol You left me impressed I love your videos Now I will fulfill my promise Lord !!!!!

  2. Goldmindnugget, cannot verify your discord. Why?

  3. This game pushed the .io limits a bit too far.. It's epic

  4. Goldmindnugget what kind of meat do you eat

  5. you cant do that anymore i was at 114 and server ran out of memory

  6. same thing happened to me, i was almost at 200 kills

  7. nice vid i have one on this game coming out tomorrow. Never fail to impress bro

  8. im about to upload it but I have more kills than that I had 767 kills

  9. Hey im new in this Channel nice Video 🙂 i Play IT too 🙂 ( sry for my Bad english im From Germany 🙁 ! ) U have an SUB 😊 and an like from me 😆 :). The bell is activ 🙂

  10. My high was 21 and winning…but never 200 lol. Personally I think vulcanbot is better than all the others. I never use booster because I don’t know how 😂 plus I always use those lava statue things to explode others standing nearby, because that counts as my kill.

  11. I have 120 kill but i choose to exit cuz i play it for a 2 hour and that make my phone overheat. ; – ;

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