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WARBOT.IO – Boss Robot

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don’t mind the music in background.


  1. i got 50 kills in last one standing is that good?

  2. Imagine just playing casually and this guy jumps on you

  3. He died becuse a bomb spawned in front of him if you didnt know.

  4. I love this game, but it's really been starting to get boring. Like Wondersquad, What the hell are you doing?! it's been like 4 years and we still have no update!

  5. And, it is not fun to be blown up when you kill someone too close to you.

  6. Not gonna lie, it’s very fun to jump around as the boss robot.

  7. ;;;;;;;;; 2 Esdras 2: 32 – 100 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  8. I noticed while u were in megabot mode u avoided the holes dont worry u can walk over them it also makes a cool blue thing when u step on it

  9. yeah, its really fun being boss
    although i think they should make it more overpowered, plus the ability to change back whenever you like

    i got it being shotgunner with 100 kill streak

  10. Why the music is "kimi no nawa"?

  11. finally a worthy opponent my kill ratio is 42.19 and lose mostly because of wifi hmm

  12. im kinda new like just started a couple days new and i drop 10-15 kills usually when i win wich i win every 3/5 games i think am i a decent player to start out?

  13. 4:24 I am confused how you die like that, it has happened to me before as well but idk why

  14. Que injusto eu matei 450 e não virei o boss



  16. On my first day i got a highscore of 100+ kills but below 110 I got it with the shorgun bot then the second or third day i got a new highscore of 150 kills with the cannon bot idk know why but im good at these types of games

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