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Warbot.io Gameplay Trailer

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  1. Anybody know what the third gamemode that is locked is? Is it like a feature still in development or something? Is it unlocked once you get the flamethrower bot? I don't know.

  2. Ponganse ( LA993 ) de etiqueta (sin los parentecis) pa jugar con gente que habla español :D(Recien comienza hasi que probablemente no encuentren a nadie, solo a mi xd)

  3. how do you achieve mega transformation? i wanna know how?

  4. 워봇을 친구들과 같이 하고있는 사람입니다 업데이트를 좀 많이 해주시면 좋겠어요~ 요즘 업데이트를 않해서 너무 지루합니다 쩝

  5. This is easily one of my favorite games. How do you get that mega bot?

  6. The only way to make an account is via facebook, google play, and apple? I don't have a facebook account and when I made one facebook immediately disabled it for some reason, used ldplayer to download it on google play but controls are auto set to drag and idk how to switch it to wasd

  7. This game is way to easy ive gotten 300 kills + there isnt that many players an its annoying always playing with bots the other annoying thing i hate the most is no option to turn off the shitty in game music if that could be added in it would make things so much better i cant stand listing to the same song repeat it selfs multiple times within an hour an half time frame also i think it would be cool if there was some personalization like color of mechs maybe a flag for people's name

  8. I love this game! Everybody at my school plays it on our laptops since everything else is blocked. Your game is very fun and I think it should get more recognition.

  9. love this game. i think its the best .io game. if more ppl played there wouldn't need to be so many bots

  10. wish this was a steam game. also we need more robots

  11. Бля тож такова робота хочу XD

  12. ummm hey ummm how do you transform to a boss exactly cuz im havin a bad time knowing it pls reply

  13. This Game is Awesome.
    It has a lot of potential.
    Also please enable to sign in using google too.

  14. you should make it so that you can grind infinitely in ffa

  15. Este juego me encanta
    Dios es muy simple y entretenido
    Cuando se añadirá más robots o modos de juego ??

  16. It is a pretty effective game with quality sound design and visuals, but i think it is quite sad to put such effort into quality when there is nobody to play with, only bots.

  17. add an option to put different colors, skins and hats on the robots: D, change the mini robots for powerup generators placed throughout the map and add more things so that the map is not so empty, such as irregularities in the ground or 2 more generator towers on the map
    Something like this (Just in case I don't mean the "power-ups" to provide defense and attack)
    (It's from another game, but I think if they did something like that, it would be great)

  18. need more robots
    i recommended: Laser, Sniper or Full Auto robot

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