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warbot.io play guide 2: Play with friends!

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warbot.io play guide 2: Tag system


  1. is their a update were you can find friends in a mini map and the drones can't shoot them

  2. Hi Developers! I solemnly enjoy your game, for a shooter game, I'd love the game even more if you'd add more Bots' to mess with 🙂 Overall, definitely in one of my Top 5's.

  3. When you tag someone what does it even do? I don't seem to highlight where your friend is on the map from what I've seen? Also, there's been a very annoying bug recently where it randomly would say 'Out of Memory' and cause you to reload. 1/10 of the times you'd come back to where you are but losing a 170 kill streak can be very annoying D:

    Other than that, I'd say MissleBot and FlameBot defo need to be buffed to level things out but overall loving the game! My game name is EliteKey.

  4. hello developers! I would like a change in the robot's udprage system that roulette system is very ambiguous and always plays the same I would like them to change it so that one can choose the improvement they want. Good game by the way …

  5. hello dev, like your game but you need to add maps and more robots and skills for it to be more atractive! good game! 🙂

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