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Warbot.IO Top 1 survival mode. Best gameplay Warbot.io #1

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Destruction of robots with explosions and a hurricane of bullets!
Filigree robot control and firing with your fingers!
Warbot.io brings you something new in the io genre.

About the game
– Upgrade robots and defeat enemies, trying to hold out as long as possible.
– Use covers and traps to effectively get rid of enemies.
– Play with friends from all over the world (up to 100 players simultaneously in one battle).
– Think over tactical moves and develop strategies to win!

Intuitive controls
– Teach you to dodge, deflect and bounce in just 10 seconds!

Real-time upgrade system
– Power up your robot with special capsules right during the battle.

Fair game
– The victory depends entirely on your skills, since all players are on an equal footing at the beginning of the game.

An opportunity to start from scratch!
– Avoid dangers and eerie explosions, use cover and attack the enemy from the rear!

Create your own play style with unique warbots!
– Bot “Volcano” unleashes a flurry of lead on enemies from a light and rapid-fire machine gun.
– The rocket bot is equipped with long-range guided missiles.
– The bot shooter is good at close range, hitting the enemy with a dozen buckshot at once.
– The bot for the gun is armed with a large-caliber gun, allowing you to attack multiple enemies at once.
– The flamethrower bot incinerates enemies with a powerful flamethrower.

You are the best Warbot pilot in the world to prevent the impending global crisis!

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