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WarBot NFTs! Buy a Trading Bot NFT with your credit card | No Experience Required!

James Pelton
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In today’s video we will be talking about WarBot NFTs, a revolutionary new NFT that use trading bots which have generated an average of 9% returns per month in the last 15 months. By minting Warbots, you can be a part of the future of digital assets and earn passive income without any prior knowledge of crypto or trading.

Limited number of NFTs left!

Mint Warbot NFT using Crypto or even your credit card:

Link to the warbot calculator:

0:00-ShinyJackals trading bot
1:08-WarBot NFTs
1:41-WarBot returns
2:42-WarBot Calculator
4:03-Getting started
5:54- Risks

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  1. Hey Jason can you please tell which you would you trust more Warbots or Project 79??

  2. Could you please make it clear what you are purchasing with a mint? Is you buying the bot, or $500 of initial capital?

  3. Hey James, I have 2 questions

    1. If i buy 10 – $500 nft meaning $5000 then can I sell it at the same price

    2. Is there any locking period? Or anytime buy in & buy out

  4. Will I see the nft in MetaMask? What is the contract so I can add?

  5. Hello 👋 Jimmy, hope my brother is doing great.
    I just purchased 2 Warbots with my CC as I wanted to see how it worked. Not sure I had metamask on poly when I did it.
    I don’t have any confirmation of the purchase, should I get something? What do I do next? Please and thank you, blessings – j

  6. May I know how does this benefit you guys from creating Warbots? Would you be taking a % of the profits each month? Thanks

  7. Where Discord? (Should put a link to it on the site)

  8. how will we be paid on the polygon chain? like airdropping usdc?

  9. If you have an NFT and you compound for a few months. Theoretically, the NFT is intrinsically worth more correct? Or can you withdraw the funds to a $500 level then sell the NFT or could you just sell the NFT at the current value? I like this project. I will try to get some funds on the Polygon network to hopefully get on board.

  10. If we were to use the option to mint using a credit card how do our returns get paid ? Could you please or someone clarify ?

  11. If the project fails, will you return the $500 for the NFT and will a refund be provided?

  12. This sounds great James! Please do a full tutorial!

  13. Hi James. Think I'm going to miss these as I'm waiting for income from elsewhere. When will there be more? If any at all. Thanks

  14. When I click to mint an NFT it doesnt take me to a new landing page – are they all sold out or something?

  15. unfortunately i don't have the money to invest in one of these, but is one of my goals, it would help a lot my family.

  16. So if we bought an NFT, would we need to sell that NFT on the open market to get our original investment back? So let’s say I do $100 for the nft, 1 year later I made $100 from the trades, and decide I wanna be done. So yes I got the $100 in trades, but will I have to find someone to buy the NFT off me?

  17. What exchange do you use? Who else has access to our funds once we buy the NFT? Thank you.

  18. This is really cool. I like the idea of being able to Mint with a credit card. I think I will have to try a few of these NFTs out. Nice way to diversify and start some passive income.

  19. Do we know when the next batch will be coming out??

  20. I missed it! I'll be ready for the next batch

  21. Please more nfts. I wanted to buy 6 nfts but it's already sold out.

  22. Hi James! love this so much 🙂 is there any way for us to buy the NFT on the Binance smart chain (via metamask)? the website seems to indicate has to be connected to polygon network?

  23. Hi James love it by mistake i minted my warbot No38 on the wrong network BSC, should have been on the polygon Network !!!! Please advise what to do now ?

  24. please have an update on when is the the details (when is profit given, in what coin etc) or where can we find those information?

  25. Hi mate, i just bought one of the nfts and i now i cant find it in my wallet. can i get some help from you?

  26. "I will forever appreciates this channei , you've helped me and my family a lot , your videos , and advice are Inspirationals and helpful to us. Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunitys . I Invested $ 1,500 with the lady you recommended some times ago and got profits of $ 9,300 in 3 days. Ms Helen James Investments is the best.

  27. James, I bought 2 but can't see them in my wallet. Need a guide please as now stressing that I've done something wrong…. arghhhh.

  28. Just minted my first 2 warbots ntfs , thx! The nfts will be caped at some number?

  29. Hello James, how can I get an invite link to join the warbot discord?

  30. Seems like there are no more Warbots NFT supply available for minting. But I see many for sale in OpenSea, would buying those work the same?

  31. The nft`s for this project, is it the ones that is named warbot, wardog on OS?

  32. Thanks for setting this up. This batch is sold out. Please can you let us know when you will be opening up a new batch? I'd also like to know how often you can withdraw your profits? Also how do you withdraw if you are joining with a credit card? Thanks

  33. Just bought a few Warbots. I am excited for a project that can be sustainable in the long term. Thank you for bringing your subscribers quality content and opportunities.

  34. The owner paused the project and banned me from the discord, I'm supposed to get 4 warbots but haven't got them yet and he won't answer on discord, can you please contact him?

  35. Hey James
    It’s been almost a month and my returns still show “pending distribution” What’s the delay? Thx

  36. Hi James, great vid, when i use your link, it says "0 NFTs remaining" when will there be a next batch, are these the same as warfi bots?

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